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Ubon AirShark BT-20 TWS Earbuds


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Ubon Airshark BT-20: Your Ultimate Audio Companion.

The Ubon Airshark BT-20 TWS Earbuds offer a range of features that enhance your audio experience and provide convenience in daily use.

Here are six key points to consider:

Extended Playtime: With up to 20 hours of playtime available when combined with the charging case, the Ubon Airshark BT-20 earbuds ensure a continuous listening experience without frequent recharging. This extended battery life is perfect for long commutes, workouts, and extended listening sessions.

Impressive Standby Time: The charging case of the Ubon Airshark BT-20 earbuds provides an exceptional standby time of 200 hours. This extended standby time ensures that your earbuds are ready to use whenever you need them, even if they’ve been stored inside the case for an extended period.

V8 Micro USB Charging: Equipped with a v8 Micro USB interface charging port, the Ubon Airshark BT-20 earbuds offer compatibility with a wide range of charging cables and adapters. This versatile charging option makes it convenient to keep your earbuds powered up.

Built-in Microphone: The built-in microphone in the Ubon Airshark BT-20 earbuds allows for clear and hands-free communication. Whether you’re taking calls on the go or participating in virtual meetings, the microphone ensures your voice is transmitted with clarity.

Seamless Pairing: The earbuds’ automatic pairing feature simplifies the user experience. Just pick up the earbuds, and they will automatically pair with your device. This eliminates the need for manual pairing processes and saves you time.

Crystal Clear Audio and Comfortable Fit: Experience crystal clear audio quality with the Ubon Airshark BT-20 earbuds. The comfortable fit enhances your listening experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music and podcasts for extended periods without discomfort.

These features collectively make the Ubon Airshark BT-20 TWS Earbuds a compelling choice for those seeking reliable and user-friendly wireless earbuds with a range of practical benefits.

Some of the main features of the UBON AirShark BT-20 TWS Earbuds are as follows:


Comfortable Fit Touch Operations Built-In Mic Type-C Interface Wireless Version v5.0 Light Weight


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